Board of Directors

 Nancy Mills        President

 John Kimbrough    Treasurer 
 Nancy Rosenbury     Secretary

 Dr. Lora McGill Bridgewater
 Rene Bustamante
 Susan Byars 
 Jim Byrd
 Emily Callahan
        Victor Charles 
 Cindie Czech
 Brad Ellington
 John Fleskes
 Brittany Hebert
        Amy Kennedy 
 Steve Lykins
 Dr. Santos Martinez
 Earl McKinney
 Jean Mercer
        Joe Sharp
 Betsy Smith

Advisory Board

 Ahsaki Baptist
 Betsy Brasher
 Christopher Campbell
 Jana Clayton
 Bill Davenport
 Pam Dotson
 Randy Engel
        Jonathan Epstein
 Bev Hart
 Mark Hendricks
 Jamie Holmes
 Tavarski Hughes
 Kevin Johnson
 Virginia Leonard
        Evelyn Makowsky
 Chris McDermott
 Bridgitte McKinley
 Shaun Micheel
 Dan Quinn
 Jim Rout
 Kerry Sewell 
        Barbara Thornton
 Chad Tillman
 Fred Tillman
 Matthew Tomek
 Mark Towne
 Cecilia Walker
 Ceil Walker

  • “Every Day May Not Be a Good Day, But There is Good in Every Day.” Apr 5
    Emma is a 14 years old from Decatur, IL. In 2015 an X-ray of Emma showed a mass. After she was diagnosed as having Ewing Sarcoma, she and her mother Jenny headed to Memphis. 3 different tim...
  • “I Cannot Forget the Outpouring of Love Here” Apr 5
    In pretty pink glasses and a matching outfit with headband, Rica who is almost 3 years old, often sings the song ”Jesus’ Love is a Bubblin’ Over” while performing the hand mot...
  • Q&A with a Nonagenarian Volunteer Mar 30
    Jean, a nonagenarian (a person in his or her nineties) is a familiar face at the front desk of Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Memphis.    She is currently re-reading a series...
  • Best Friends Together In the House Mar 30
    5 years ago in a Sunday school class in Louisiana, Julianne and Hailey met for the first time.  No one knew then that they would go on to be best friends and would eventually be growing...


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