Harness Round-Up

Keeping families close.

Your spare change makes a life-changing difference for the families of seriously ill children, helping to keep them together, and that’s priceless.

Spare change adds up to a big difference.

When you donate your spare change, there is already an impact. When your friends join in—and tell their friends—that impact grows exponentially! Very quickly, your spare change has made a life-changing difference for the families of seriously ill children, and that is priceless. 



How does it work? Round-up spare change from every day purchases.


For more information, contact Carol Matthews at carol@rmhc-memphis.org.

  • Christmas in July Jul 20
    Last night, July 19th, we hosted our annual Christmas in July.  Our families were treated to crafts, a visit from Santa Claus and lots of gifts all courtesy of Ronald McDonald House.  Our n...
  • July Parents Night In Jul 13
    On July 12th, we  hosted our monthly parents night in event.  The children were treated  to crafts and also a performance by Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre Group and Alexis White.&n...
  • Gold Strike Casino sponsors CAMP in June Jul 12
    Each day at the CAMP sponsored by Gold Strike Casino had different themes.  We had western day, international day, under the sea day, and all things painting day.  There were crafts, games, ...
  • RMHC Memphis Hosts Spring Camp Jul 11
    In Apriil, we hosted a Spring Camp and invited all of the other houses.  Each day we had different activities and meals.  We played giant yard games (Jenga, Kerplunk, Connect 4, Yahtzee), ha...