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One Phone Call Changed Their Lives

Quintella can remember clearly the phone call from the doctor telling her that her son, Zarek, had Leukemia and that they should pack immediately and head to Memphis for treatment. She didn’t know what to expect when they got to Memphis, where they would stay, how they would pay for lodging or how long they would be in Memphis. 

In September, Quintella noticed knots on the back of her son’s head and neck. She immediately scheduled an appointment at the doctors to find that the knots were actually all over his arms and legs as well. After drawing blood, the doctor quickly concluded that Zarek, had some form of cancer and recommended that they head to St. Jude immediately. 

Quintella made arrangements for her daughter to stay with family so she could continue school. They made it to Memphis the next morning, Zarek was officially diagnosed with leukemia the following day.   

“It was such a relief when I found out that we would be able to stay at Ronald McDonald House of Memphis free of charge,” said Quintella.   

Quintella says she is very thankful for Ronald McDonald House of Memphis and looks forward to staying here whenever they have to return for treatments.   

“Talking to other moms and parents who are going through the same thing is comforting; we’re not alone. We have our own little support group here,” Quintella said. “Zarek loves coming back to Ronald McDonald House after a long day at the hospital and hanging out with other kids in the game room.”

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