The Small Things Make Ronald McDonald House a Home

Much like any other typical 14-year-old boy, Nathaniel Owens was experiencing what he thought were growing pains. 

Unfortunately, the pain became too much for him to handle, so his father took him to the hospital where they learned the growing pains were actually due to a tumor protruding out of a bone in his leg. 

They soon found themselves staying at Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, while Nathaniel underwent chemotherapy treatment.

While at Ronald McDonald House, it seemed as if all their troubles had washed away, according to his father Brian. "Ronald McDonald House is wonderful; they are so organized and clean. It is just beautiful, it is like we are on a vacation." 

For Nathaniel, Ronald McDonald House is the perfect getaway. He loves that there is so much to do - between bingo and the teen room he is never bored. His favorite part of the house is the group dinners. "I love sitting in the dining room talking and getting to know new people," Nathaniel said. 

Today, seven months later, Nathaniel is fully recovered and has already finished all of his physical therapy four months ahead of schedule.

Posted by John Parie at 6:00 AM
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