Become A Volunteer


All current volunteers are able to sign up for shifts on the Volunteer Calendar.


Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteers who serve in the house must pass a background check prior to their first shift.

Front Desk

This opportunity is best suited for volunteers 18 or older with an interest in serving over an extended time in order to build the knowledge and rapport to directly serve families in their day to day needs.

Front desk shifts are from 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, and 5pm-9pm seven days a week.

Steps to schedule your first front desk volunteer shift:

Special Events



Assist with fundraisers like Radiothon and Clays For Kids and family events in house like C.A.M.P Wishing Well and Parent’s Night In!


Steps to schedule your first special event volunteer shift:

  • Complete the volunteer service application and submit to
  • A background check will be run by RMHC Memphis if the event is working directly with families.
  • Upon approved background check, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your first shift.

Serve a Meal or Host an Activity


RMHC Memphis families are so thankful to come home to a cooked meal or fun activity after spending their days in the hospital.

Learn more about the requirements of hosting a meal or activity here.


Steps to schedule your first meal or activity:


Service Hours

To inquire about available service hour opportunities contact Volunteer Coordinator, Marley Bowers, at or (901)312-7481.

RMHC Memphis does not accept volunteers completing court-ordered community service at this time.

  • Ronald McDonald House Painting Jun 13
    It was Paint Day on Wednesday at Ronald McDonald House for summer camp.    Kids painted crafts and had their own faces painted.   Dinner was served and the families had a good tim...
  • Mad Scientists Take Over Ronald McDonald House Jun 12
    Day 2 of Summer Camp had the theme of Mad Scientists.   Children enjoyed doing science experiments inside and outside.  In addition, they were all treated to grilled cheese. &n...
  • Superheroes at Summer Camp Jun 11
    The theme was Superheroes for Monday night's camp at RMHC Memphis.  Batman brought his Batmobile and everyone worked on Superhero crafts and ate the prepared dinner.  
  • 2019 Perseverance Scholarship Winner Jun 11
    Austin Denton is the 2019 Perseverance Scholarship Winner.   Applicants must have stayed at RMHC Memphis and be going into college in the fall. The receipent is selected based on academic a...