Board of Directors

 Nancy Hula-Mills        President
Rene Bustamante    Vice President
Betsy Brasher Melby    Treasurer 
 Victor Charles    Secretary


Mike Amick, Jr.

Ahsaki Baptist

Morgan Bohannon

Lora McGill Bridgewater

Emily Callahan

Cindie Czech

Bill Davenport




Allison Gilbert

Brown Gill

Jason Gillum

Bev Hart

Tedd Kruse

John McCormick

Chris McDermott

Don McDuffy



Jim McMahon

Jean Mercer

John Rountree

Kerry Sewell

Mark Towne

Ken Van Vranken

Mark Vorder-Bruegge


  • Decorating Cookies Sep 18
    Last night's activity for residents was decorating cookies.   
  • Trivia at Parents Night In Sep 17
    Parents Night In for September was anything but trivial.    But there was trivia for the parents.    The team that won received a $20 gift card and second place received...
  • Music Therapy has begun at RMHC Memphis Sep 17
    Instructor Francisco Lara, known as Pacho, brought many instruments for the kids of RMHC Memphis to play and make music.
  • It's time for Back to School Aug 16
    To celebrate the start of school this year, Ronald McDonald House of Memphis had a party for the residents.  There were crafts, food, and backpacks for all the students. Dinner was generous...