NSN Operator Nickname GM
5715 Gamble
32819 Gamble
5092 Kenworthy / Matlock Union City Kim Smith
6865 Kenworthy / Matlock Fulton Kristy Houck
11342 Kenworthy / Matlock Camden Teresa Lackey
24148 Kenworthy / Matlock Dresden Doris Toon
35652 Kenworthy / Matlock Huntington Niki Frazier
6590 Madison Winchester 1 Cynthia Lamar
10894 Madison Mendenhall DeNario Robertson
20236 Madsion Marion Nicole Stafford
36839 Madison Winchester 2 Alma Marquez
2738 Madison West Memphis Marylin Stewart
6558 Mignosi Batesville Hwy 6 Rosa Horton
12513 Mignosi Horn Lake Trey Holt
12680 Mignosi Holly Springs/Claric James Davis
14464 Mignosi Olive Branch Stacy Wing
25361 Mignosi Goodman / Airways Stephanie Watson
26740 Mignosi East Olive Branch Secolia Gaston
32557 Mignosi Southaven Keisha Sims
31693 Pina Macon Cordova Ashley Clay
23540 Quertermous Munford
3722 Sells Dyersburg Jessica Rogers
7721 Sells Corning Angie Kepner
15363 Betsy Smith Oxford 2 Laquanda Johnson
15361 Gamble Jackson, TN
12268 Valluzzo Tupelo

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