Everly and McDonald's


COVID-19 has been a challenge at RMHC-Memphis for many reasons with the primary being “how do you create a home” in the middle of a pandemic with social distancing and the feeling of isolation especially when undergoing medical treatments for a sick child?

Sometimes, you just need a friend from home.  That is exactly what happened to one family at RMHC-Memphis.    RMHC-Memphis has been receiving Saturday morning breakfast every week since March from the local McDonald’s owner / operators to help the House in the midst of the pandemic.  The delicious and familiar meal brought a smile to the face of Everly and her family while staying at RMHC-Memphis.

The family shared that Everly loves McDonald’s so much that she has a meal almost every day from her local McDonald’s so being served breakfast every Saturday made the whole family feel at home.  Near the care they need with the family they love……..  Thank you to our friends from McDonald’s.