July 26, 2002 changed my life.

You see something very strange happened to my family.

My Mom was at the gas station and I was only 6 months old. A guy hit and ran my Mommy’s truck and she being the best Mom in the world took me to the doctor.

They told my parents that I was okay from the accident, but my liver was enlarged with multiple tumors called Neuroblastoma.

So my Mom and Dad and I came to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They took a lot of pictures and they started giving me chemo (chemotherapy) for six months.

During my second week I was sent to “The House That Love Built”. I had fun, it had pretty colors and my Mom says the only way I would stop crying sometimes was to see all the colored hand prints.

I am now six years old and I have stayed at Ronald McDonald House® seven times, staying no less than a month at a time. This house is very special to me because of three things. First of all, me and my Dad stayed here a lot. He died in a car accident in December, 2006. Secondly, my picture is on the wall, like at home so I feel safe here. And thirdly, if I feel sad, I go find my own handprint made by me and my Daddy.

I love this house because I can go to the game room, playground, and even to church to pray. It is so cool to have all that in one big  house. 

- I-iman Carey-Sharper  

Since 2002 I-iman has had 4 major surgeries. This is his fifth relapse.

He is receiving palliative radiation and receives pain medication via CADD pump. His prognosis is very poor. We make every day count here at Ronald McDonald House®.

They’ve been here for us since this all started. We are such a family unit. Sherri, the House Manager and I-iman have a very special relationship. He looks forward to seeing her daily and the entire staff provides a wonderful sense of peace and comfort. I thank God daily for putting me here.

As long as I live, I will always be grateful and loyal to Ronald McDonald House®. The charity that is offered here is immeasurable.

Ronald McDonald House® has provided a safe environment, a healing place, and an excellent source of networking for families with cancer.

I have no doubt that THIS IS “The House That Love Built”! And definitely our “home-away-from-home”. We love you Ronald McDonald House®!

- Sonetta (I-iman’s Mom)

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