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“You are a huge part of our journey”

Jenny says to Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – if it wasn’t for you guys we would worry about where we are going to live. You are a huge part of our journey.”

Korie, who turned 5 in July, is staying at Ronald McDonald House of Memphis with her mother Jenny.  The pair is from Ottawa, IL. After headaches, vomiting, doctors’  visits, and then a diagnosis of Medulla Blastoma, the family landed at St. Jude at the end of March.  

Korie really likes Ronald McDonald House especially Miss Sherri, the candy bowl, the mailboxes, and the pantry.   She also enjoys painting and crafts.

For Jenny, the hardest part is “being a single mom, and down here all alone.”  But she adds, “support from the other moms and the staff has helped me out a lot.”

Jenny tells a great story about southern hospitality.  “We went home for a week (to Illinois) and we flew out of Memphis – everybody was so sweet here – in the airport some lady bought Korie a coloring book. Then, we get back to Chicago and everyone has their head down, and nobody says anything to us.  We had come from Memphis where people say “hi” and ‘good morning’ to everybody.  

“Finally on the way back to Memphis from Chicago, I had 2 bags to bring back and nobody helped me in the Chicago airport.   When we get back to Memphis, the flight attendant who was from Memphis, took one of my bags and waited with us for the Taxi.   Then, the pilot, who was from Memphis gave Korie a $100 bill.”


Posted by Lisa Haguewood at Friday, September 21, 2018
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Parents Night In

Supergirl came and recruited another supergirl at our Parents Night In!  Batman was flying around, too, as they helped lead our two scavenger hunt teams!  Parents enjoyed trivia by themselves with great prizes and everyone had a fabulous Mulan Asian Bistro dinner!

Posted by Lisa Haguewood at Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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UniverSoul Circus Performed

 It was a circus down here at the RMH!  UniverSoul Circus, that is!  Our families were treated to some private performances from the cast of the UniverSoul Circus!  Dancers, acrobats, cultural music from the islands.  It was a scene under the RMH Bigtop!!

Posted by Lisa Haguewood at Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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Christmas in July

Last night, July 19th, we hosted our annual Christmas in July.  Our families were treated to crafts, a visit from Santa Claus and lots of gifts all courtesy of Ronald McDonald House.  Our new friends, Mark & Sylvia, flew in from New Jersey to help with the event and to present the families with an additional special gift.  Ali’s Way hosted a yummy dinner. Events like this give our families a chance to focus on something other than long days at the hospital. Kids can be kids and  focus on having fun for a little while.  It was a great afternoon and night and our families loved it. 

Posted by Lisa Haguewood at Friday, July 20, 2018
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July Parents Night In

On July 12th, we  hosted our monthly parents night in event.  The children were treated  to crafts and also a performance by Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre Group and Alexis White.  The parents played a competitive game of Bunco. The parent events are usually centered around connecting with other parents and expanding their support systems. Heart & Soul Caterer provided a nutritious and delicious meal to go along with the activities.  Thanks to Luz Vargas and Jan Helton for planning such a great event. 

Posted by Lisa Haguewood at Friday, July 13, 2018
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  • "Ahoy Matey"  Apr 4
    Pirate Day was the theme of the fourth day of camp.   There were craftrs with a special area just for teens.   ADII volunteered and helped make it a hit.  
  • Tie Dye Day at Camp Mar 28
    The 3rd day of camp was psychedlic fun with tie-dye crafts, face painting, and plenty of food for all.
  • Fiesta for Camp Wishing Well Mar 27
    Ronald McDonald House of Memphis had a fiesta the 2nd night of Camp with silly crafts, a colorful piiñata, and a complete taco bar for dinner.  
  • Camp Wishing Well - Wild West Day Mar 26
    Ronald McDonald House of Memphis hosts camp this week for its residents.  Every day has a theme with the first day's theme being "Wild West."  The kids had fun riding on their...